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                          Rotamat                                               SR Rotary

At Jamieson we have combined multiple metal cutting and assembling operations on single machines for 35 years. Our flexible concept allows us to combine 2 to 15 different operations and let you choose the grade of automation from manual loading to fully automatic parts handling.

Two Sizes
As the following pages show, you have two sizes of machines to choose from. Our smaller ROTAMAT rotary transfer machines use up to 2 HP per spindle while the larger SR rotary transfer machines pack up to 7.5 HP per spindle.

Turnkey Machines or Component Systems
Again you have a choice. We can furnish turnkey machines, which include an exhaustive trial run and installation help in your plant. Or you may choose a component system where you purchase as much or as little of the machine as you need and do the rest in house (with our support). Rotamat 60" Base, Fixture Plate with Collet or 2 Jaw Chucks and Coolant System starting at $34,900.00.

Try our simple, on line Transfer Machine Information Request form to inquire about your specific needs.