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Jamieson Yag Laser Systems

Jamieson LC1212

Cutting precision parts from highly reflective materials like GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM is easy with a LC1212 Laser Cutting System from Jamieson. Equipped with a powerful 150 or 300 Watt Nd:YAG laser it cuts any desired contour accurately and with a minimum heat affected zone. The system arrives complete with a laser chiller and software and is quickly installed and easily started up.

The work rests on a 12" x 12" down draft table, which is mounted to two precision slides with linear ball bearings and precision ball screws. These are driven by servo motors with encoders for closed loop, quality cutting. An optional 24" x 24" table is also available. The steel slats in the table are easily moved or removed to avoid reflections of the laser beam to the underside of the work piece. Very small cut outs, as are common in the jewelry industry, collect in a drawer underneath the bed for easy removal.

The short wave length of a flash lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser (1.064 micron) makes it possible to couple into highly reflective materials like GOLD and SILVER and the available power of 150 or 300 Watt allows the cutting of material up to 2 mm thick. Assisted by high pressure Nitrogen or Argon gas, these lasers produce excellent cuts with high edge steepness, minimum heat affected zone and minimum burr. Our picture shows the LC1212 with a StarCut 150 from Rofin Baasel Lasertech.

The stationary laser on the LC1212, keeps the optics simple. Thus the optics only include 1 beam bender, the manual focusing optics with a (slide out) 80 mm lens and monocular or binocular viewing of the process.