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CMA Features


At Jamieson Mfg., we strive to keep the interface to the machine as simple as possible for the end user while eliminating the limitations of using a print driver. Easy to use USB drivers are supplied for integration directly in CorelDraw and AutoCad. Parameters such as cutting and engraving speeds, DPI, start and finish points, arrays, and mirroring are easily setup.

For those customers who prefer to use other software for creating their programs, our Smart Carver software will allow for seamless integration of all laser parameters. Once a program is created, it can be saved in the machine controller and called up at any time for repeat jobs.


Control Panel

Our standard control panel features 11 command buttons, 4 arrow keys and a 4 line liquid crystal display. All are logically arranged and display all information pertinent to the parts being produced. Through the control panel you can also quickly modify the programmed cutting speed and laser power, call up one of up to 128 stored programs and freely select the starting position of your program on the table.


Work Tables

Two table variations are available to give you the best results for your work. Our durable steel honeycomb table is ideal for small parts and materials which are sensitive to laser beam reflection against their undersides. Our slatted table (shown here) features narrow edge aluminum slats which can carry heavy loads and are individually replaceable. Best of all, you can change from one table to the other in seconds.


                                                                Vacuum Table

The work tables, described above, rest on a vacuum table, which is connected to a powerful exhaust fan. This exhausts all fumes and debris away from your work and through the bottom of the table. The resulting vacuum will also straighten and flatten thin materials so they can be cut and engraved.



This is a "simple is beautiful" feature on our CMA machines. Loosen the thumbscrew on the focusing tube, slide the focusing tool under the tube, tighten the thumbscrew. Done. No sensors to get out of adjustment or fail.



Starting Position

On a CMA machine you are in total control. Use the arrow keys to move the focusing optics to any place on the table and push the ORIGIN key. The program will start from there. Need to verify this position for very accurate work? Press the PULSE button and the laser will mark your starting position with a tiny dot. Of course you may also select any one of 9 points (like upper left or center) on your work, to start from.


Air Assist

A well directed air stream is vital, especially for cutting. At the CMA machines the air exits with the laser beam through the focusing nozzle. It therefore protects the focusing lens and is perfectly aligned with the point of laser impact. This disperses smoke and flammable gases from the engraving area and removes vaporized material from the kerf for cleaner cut edges.


Oversized Material

Coiled material or extra length sheets can be fed through the machine and used up in increments of the table depth. The picture shows the back of a CMA 535 with a sheet of wood extending from the feed through slot.





A 1/2 HP exhaust fan is included in our machine price. It is powerful enough to flatten thin plastic and wood against the work table to maintain ideal cutting and engraving conditions. Filtration units are also available if this is required by local regulation.