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Turnkey Laser Welding System
Laser welding bearing steel with 1% carbon? It is successfully done on a three station rotary transfer system Jamieson Mfg. recently shipped to Emerson Power Transmission in Ithaca, NY. The system welds the outer races of pillow block bearings (tapered roller bearing inside) for bearings with up to 16" in diameter. Technical literature classifies this steel as unweldable but limited heat input and close control of all welding parameters, especially the weld depth, produces weld strengths that reliably exceed specifications with this difficult process. The three station rotary transfer machine, furnished to Emerson, allows for manual assembly of the bearings in station one. In station two the run out between the lower and upper halves of the bearing is first checked by a pair of linear transducers and then corrected if necessary. This assures that the bearing runs free and without binding. The welding finally takes place in station three. Here a Trumpf 2600 Watt CO2 laser delivers its beam via an autofocus axis which automatically adjusts to the bearing diameter and also compensates for any run out the bearing may have on the rotating table on which it sits. The stability and beam quality of the Trumpf laser together with the autofocus are two important factors in welding this tough material.

Production welding 25 different bearings requires quick change over capability. Physically only the new fixtures are "placed" onto the three rotary tables and the focus is adjusted via a micrometer. The rest of the change over consists of dialing the new part number into the operator control panel, which automatically adjusts four programmable axes and adjusts all parameters on the laser.

Jamieson has built laser welding and cutting systems for over 10 years and integrated them with lasers from 50 to 6000 Watts. These systems are based on the experience gained in building automatic transfer machines for over 35 years. Jamieson can therefore build laser welding and cutting systems based on single station machines, rotary or inline transfer machines. They may include automatic parts handling, as well as assembling and machining operations. Examples include the welding of lithium batteries (3600 per hour), the automatic assembling and welding of 18 different automotive transmission gears and the welding of 5 fire extinguisher bottle sizes with two lasers simultaneously.

Jamieson Manufacturing will design and build turnkey laser welding and cutting systems to suit your requirements and in doing so will completely integrate your system with laser, water chiller, fume filter, gas supply and automatic parts handling devices. We will demonstrate the complete system to you at our facility and then supervise the installation and training at yours. Prior to order placement we will coordinate weld development with the laser manufacturer; thus providing state of the art experience regardless of the laser chosen.

Assembly and Sonic Welding

Jamieson recently shipped a Six Station Rotary Transfer Machine for the assembling of rotors for automobiles. To accommodate different sizes, the loading of the rotor blanks, including a bearing support ring, is done by hand. In stations two and three, the machine automatically adds a radial ball bearing and a plastic bearing retaining ring. Ultra sonic welding in station four secures the plastic ring to the rotor. Next, a linear transducer and a load cell in station five check the integrity of the weld and the placement of the plastic ring. At the following unloading station, incomplete assemblies are separated and the good rotors are placed into pallets on a belt conveyor.

For maximum economy, Jamieson builds assembly machines using standard or special components as available. In the process, we have drastically reduced assembly time and cost on many small assemblies. Let our many years of experience work for you.